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Quality assurance Laboratory testing
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High-quality raw materials
    Tianrui large infusion of raw material suppliers have passed the GMP certification, which provide the raw material quality stable Set, the standard acceptance criteria are higher than the current pharmacopoeia.

    All plant employees regularly attend GMP knowledge training, professional and technical training, and strictly enforce the test Nuclear system.

    In accordance with the requirements of GMP to develop a self-test program, with periodic self-test department GMP,
Ensure product quality management system functioning.

Strict quality standards
    All products are formulated infusion higher than the statutory standard of internal control standards, and in strict accordance with the internal control Standard release. All APIs are developed internal control standards Gao statutory standards, and in strict accordance Internal control standards for acceptance.

Good production environment
    Tinrui Pharmaceutical production plant according to the production process and the required level of clean air Rational distribution, the number of particles of dust and clean areas, the number of colonies, temperature and humidity and other indicators are regularly Testing, so that the production environment in full compliance with the requirements of the production process.

     Quality Responsibility
  A clear responsibility for the quality of each sector and strict quality management system.