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    Zhejiang Tianrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Ruian Pharmaceutical Factory), founded in 1971, is an integrated pharmaceutical company. The company is growing so rapidly in recent years, thanks to the country's reform and opening up in addition to good policy, but also, and Tin Tianrui Pharmaceutical always attached importance to scientific and technological progress over the years to work with the technology are inseparable.

First, the implementation of human engineering, solid business foundation for technological innovation.

     enterprise actually fight fight science and technology, and the technology underlying the dispute is indisputable talent. Beginning in 2004, Tianrui medicine from all over the country imported a total of more than 100 with college or higher, senior technical titles in pharmaceutical engineering and technical personnel, to provide a reliable guarantee for talent and technological progress enterprise work.

two, increase investment, the introduction of advanced pharmaceutical equipment, provide hardware protection for enterprise technological innovation.

    Tianrui medicine in recent years, as has always been a strategic investment and technology enterprises, and the inclusion of important agenda, by the pace of technological innovation to promote enterprise investment. Since 2004, Tianrui medicine into innovation, new product development funds totaled 100 million yuan or more, especially the introduction of the plastic ampule 2009 production line for technological innovation and development of enterprises played an important role.

Third, insist on technological innovation model a combination of research, focus Curcuma the main characteristics of the product development, continued investments in technology and research and development efforts to accelerate the upgrading of old products.

    2004, our company is established in Curcuma series of product development as the center of product development direction and cooperation undertaken Ruian industrial major projects "Curcuma oil oleosome project with the Beijing Institute of Technology the research "work; 2006 Curcuma Curcuma oil and oil injection two products at the same time in 2006 by the provincial industrial new product trial pilot project identification, and won the title of Wenzhou City brand, as well as provincial famous brand, including medicinal Curcuma oil feedstock project won the 2007 Ruian Science and Technology Progress Award (second prize); in 2007, & nbsp; our company Yantai University College of Pharmacy in cooperation supercritical extraction technology of CO2 Curcuma oil, to solve the past, the traditional extraction process technical defects, and further improve the quality of medicinal Curcuma oil feedstock; May 2008, the company and Zhejiang Province drug shared the 2008 major science and technology projects in Zhejiang Province "Curcuma oil to improve the quality and quality control of key technologies research "work. 

    Tianrui Pharmaceutical leaps and bounds in recent years, once again eloquently proved that the "science and technology are primary productive forces," the truth. Ongoing investments in technology, making the company's technology and product quality is guaranteed fundamentally competitive products in the market are more greatly enhanced the past, branding has been gradually formed.